2195 W Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington, TX, 76013 

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Reviewed by: dougsanderatexas on: 2021/1/26 19:01:42
I ask twice for 6 tiny cups of chili oil for my 6 egg rolls. I then ask twice on picking up if the 6 chili oils were in there. Twice told yes. Get home and there were only two. I have put up with recent orders having odd taste on orange chicken but I keep coming back but this is pushing it. I would have paid for more chili oil. I just needed and I was lied to. Sad. Doug Sanders. 817-637-4054
Reviewed by: diann0216 on: 2021/1/21 18:16:26
excellent! Service and deliver and food 5 stars!
Reviewed by: tonymalone1982 on: 2020/10/31 20:40:28
Hello I ordered two large shimp fried rice one with beef. When I got home to eat there was no beef. Funny part i paid extra for it. How can we fix this? Anthony
Reviewed by: 4151617 on: 2019/6/12 10:20:29
Yummy food and food was delivered hot ?? When we opened the bag We were surprised at how huge the portions are. So much food. We are excited we have leftovers.
Reviewed by: seggsc01 on: 2019/5/23 14:19:23
Excellent food! Always hot, fresh, and tasty when I have delivered, not like some other funky restaurants who just reheat or refry the leftover Lunch menu. Friendly delivery drivers and staff when I call in, a lot of food for very reasonable prices!
Reviewed by: marcia.penigar on: 2019/5/18 9:35:41
Are y'all open for delivery Can't get through the phone lines
Reviewed by: bryandwinter on: 2019/4/26 14:51:49
Been ordering from here for a couple of years now, it's always outstanding Chinese takeout, the best in town imo. I'm a big eater and the portions they give you are monstrous, if i order something from the dinner menu i usually have leftovers which is great also.
Reviewed by: teepetersen on: 2019/3/9 11:40:02
Been visiting their 2195 W Green Oaks Blvd location for almost a decade now. Food has been great almost every time. Only one time a few year back was the Hot and Sour soup badly, BADLY, off in taste, we have never taken a chance on it again. Everything else has been great for fast food Chinese. Their wonton soup, and crab rangoons are addictive, lo mein and rice dishes served with meals is a lot but the main course is very sizable, too, biggest problem is the quantity of the "regular size" meals, usually takes us two or three meals to finish it all. A lunch portion provides one full meal and enough for a snack later.
Reviewed by: seggsc01 on: 2018/5/30 14:51:11
Delicious menu! Food always hot, fresh & tasty. Lady at front counter is always very friendly, helpful and accommodating.
Reviewed by: qdms001 on: 2018/2/5 16:02:44
Want white rice with the Orange Chicken dinner
Reviewed by: nansejo on: 2016-08-18
We order from work often & only have 1/2 hour for lunch & they're prompt & the food is good. the delivery guys are very friendly.