2195 W Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington, TX, 76013 

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Reviewed by: 4151617 on: 2019/6/12 10:20:29
Yummy food and food was delivered hot 😁 When we opened the bag We were surprised at how huge the portions are. So much food. We are excited we have leftovers.
Reviewed by: seggsc01 on: 2019/5/23 14:19:23
Excellent food! Always hot, fresh, and tasty when I have delivered, not like some other funky restaurants who just reheat or refry the leftover Lunch menu. Friendly delivery drivers and staff when I call in, a lot of food for very reasonable prices!
Reviewed by: marcia.penigar on: 2019/5/18 9:35:41
Are y'all open for delivery Can't get through the phone lines
Reviewed by: bryandwinter on: 2019/4/26 14:51:49
Been ordering from here for a couple of years now, it's always outstanding Chinese takeout, the best in town imo. I'm a big eater and the portions they give you are monstrous, if i order something from the dinner menu i usually have leftovers which is great also.
Reviewed by: teepetersen on: 2019/3/9 11:40:02
Been visiting their 2195 W Green Oaks Blvd location for almost a decade now. Food has been great almost every time. Only one time a few year back was the Hot and Sour soup badly, BADLY, off in taste, we have never taken a chance on it again. Everything else has been great for fast food Chinese. Their wonton soup, and crab rangoons are addictive, lo mein and rice dishes served with meals is a lot but the main course is very sizable, too, biggest problem is the quantity of the "regular size" meals, usually takes us two or three meals to finish it all. A lunch portion provides one full meal and enough for a snack later.
Reviewed by: andersonmaigan80 on: 2019/1/18 19:03:51
Ordered $60 worth of food and asked for fried rice and all white rice. Even though I was charged more for fried.
Reviewed by: seggsc01 on: 2018/5/30 14:51:11
Delicious menu! Food always hot, fresh & tasty. Lady at front counter is always very friendly, helpful and accommodating.
Reviewed by: qdms001 on: 2018/2/5 16:02:44
Want white rice with the Orange Chicken dinner
Reviewed by: nansejo on: 2016-08-18
We order from work often & only have 1/2 hour for lunch & they're prompt & the food is good. the delivery guys are very friendly.
Reviewed by: Freddym91 on: 2016-04-26
Ordered food from here at 550 took them til 730 to get it here, also the place is not very far from
Reviewed by: tlchavez11 on: 2016-04-23
Always good service and food. Been ordering for over 15 years
Reviewed by: Lbortvit on: 2016-02-11
This restaurant is close to my job, and my coworkers and I love it... I see a lot of people complai
Reviewed by: clembanner on: 2015-12-24
This is my third time ordering delivery a little slow food is good to me for takeout.
Reviewed by: artsy_girlhere on: 2015-12-15
Although the food tastes good, it always takes over an hour to receive. Order before you get hungry.
Reviewed by: camillehodnett on: 2015-12-11
Reviewed by: z8m7ernst on: 2015-11-09
I ordered my food an hour ago. The store is four miles away... did they lose my order? Can the driver not find my house? Did they even get my order? I'm glad I elected to pay with cash, so that if he never shows up, I won't have lost any money
Reviewed by: apaintiff81 on: 2015-10-23
Hour and 30 minutes and still no delivery. Very disappointed.
Reviewed by: tammidvs on: 2015-09-02
Love the food & the service is great.
Reviewed by: momsemail425 on: 2015-08-06
This place is awesome! I just ordered once, but the food got here five to ten minutes early. The dumpling sauce is the best I've had. The only disappointment I had was the dinner entree came with very little broccoli. Maybe four or five pieces total. Aside from that, some of the best food we've ever had delivered!
Reviewed by: srtsrtsrtsrt on: 2015-07-31
Just ordered I'm a new bee to this so I will see how long it takes fir delivery and see if good is g
Reviewed by: wilsoncrashpad on: 2015-07-18
I really like the food here, and it's reasonability priced! Excellent!
Reviewed by: ak.gutierrez09 on: 2015-07-10
It has been an hour and 20 minutes since I placed my order and the woman on the phone said 40 minute
Reviewed by: ralphcald on: 2015-06-26
I have ordered delivery for years and have always had good food. The dine in is very basic, booth type setting but above all else the food is always good
Reviewed by: mayhanmusic on: 2015-05-05
I have been ordering the House Vegetable Soup plus other items for many years. I always like the meals ordered. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Reviewed by: Marshgrillservices on: 2015-04-23
I order 1-2 a month for delivery, always here within the hour, food hot and delivery drivers are alw
Reviewed by: flowerlover70 on: 2015-03-04
They took an hour and 45 minutes to bring our dinner. Then, to find soggy fried shrimp and soggy on
Reviewed by: hopemarie76 on: 2015-02-14
Love the taste of the food sweet/sour n my family rlly enjoys every bite. You rlly get your money wo
Reviewed by: Jimtucker2 on: 2014-11-17
The Food is pretty tasty and the delivery is fast and friendly. I really like this resturant because again the food is tasty moderately priced and the delivery person knows how to find my residence. I love chinese delviery who doesn't right? THe Sesame House is darn good.
Reviewed by: iamshaun on: 2014-09-11
I placed an order on Thursday 9/11 at 8:50pm for $27.86 and it never arrived. I tried calling and no one answered. My card was charged but my food never came. Will you be refunding my money?
Reviewed by: diane0608 on: 2014-03-22
this place is AWESOME! I love the online ordering system, it works great. The food has large portions which is great if you love left overs and every thing tasted great. I have eaten here three times so far and have never been let down!!!
Reviewed by: Erica.nicole8920 on: 2014-02-08
First time ordering, I used deliver in and I used the website! Both was excellent ! I just moved in
Reviewed by: Chuck M. on: 1/8/2014 7:33:22 AM
I was in the mood for some "traditional" Chinese food today and lunch and found this little gem while searching on Yelp. There's probably seating for around 15 in the dining/front counter area. Sesame House is mainly a "take-out" restaurant. While I was waiting for my meal, all of the tables filled up during the lunch hour. There was also a steady stream of customers picking up to-go orders.I ordered Sweet and Sour Pork. You have your choice of an egg roll or soup. Since it was cold and rainy outside, egg drop soup fit the bill perfectly. The "cup" of egg drop soup was a huge bowl. I could have almost made a meal off of it. The soup was wonderful and seasoned perfectly.My entree came shortly after I finished the soup. It was HUGE. I wished my wife was with me because we could have shared the entree together and probably still had some to take home with us.The sweet and sour pork was fried perfectly and wasn't greasy at all. I opted for the steamed rice. Again the portion was huge, It looked like to me there was probably a good 3 cups of white rice on my plate.I believe I've found my new neighborhood Chinese restaurant that I'm going to be ordering from quite a bit. YUM!
Reviewed by: stirbybear on: 2013-12-21
Ordered online for a delivery. Order was placed at 5:25pm and didn't arrive at the house until after 7. I tried calling twice and they just said "It's on its way". Food arrived and some was cool (not cold, but you could tell it had been in the car a while). No apologies or offers to make good. Food itself was fine in taste. Not good enough to overcome that though. Will not go back!
Reviewed by: Natmcel11 on: 2013-12-08
Great food and a delivery on an icy day!!
Reviewed by: yvonneharris36 on: 2013-12-07
Food was great delivery had great timing..even though the roads were icy!
Reviewed by: ksmedicgal on: 2013-11-06
Was really good food and prompt service. Only problem was I ordered Hunan Chicken and got Hunan Beef.
Reviewed by: Vincent G. on: 10/26/2013 8:17:46 AM
Generous servings at a great price.My wife and I ordered from Sesame House after a long day of work because really who feels like coming home and cooking after that?They have an online ordering system interesting but we didn't use it, I called in the order.The delivery driver was great super nice guy and fast.The sesame chicken was nice, the flavored sauce was not over powering and the portion was huge. We still have some in the fridge.The BBQ pork and broccoli was great, the sauce was a great balance but I was hoping for something more like the boneless bbq pork spare ribs in the sweet red sauce that I just can't seem to find anywhere here in Texas but still very good.Definitely a great delivery place if you want the best bang for your buck
Reviewed by: Kaleigh K. on: 10/24/2013 11:19:43 AM
Once i moved to the area i began a massive hunt for the best chinese food. I was lucky to have stumbled upon Sesame House rather early on. I remember the first time i ever ordered there and that is why i am still ordering from them today. The customer service is simply spectacular. Always friendly, always smiling, always hot, fresh, and fast! One time they forgot something i had ordered. I wasn't extremely worried about it however when the driver returned he also had two free meal credits for me. Now for the most important part! THE FOOD! I have never had one negative thing to say about an order received. When you order delivery the temperature of the food is always a concern. Every Sesame House order i have ever had the pleasure to enjoy has been hot, fresh, and full of flavor!
Reviewed by: cathyadams41 on: 2013-10-14
Have only ever gotten delivery. The food is always YUM!! Always hot and fresh.
Reviewed by: thefungiphile on: 2013-09-30
large portions, good food, kids didnt like the pizza rolls. friendly delivery guy.
Reviewed by: cindydavis2002 on: 2013-09-28
I am so glad we found this restaurant. The place we have been ordering from was not very good. The food is great here, I love that you can order on line, and they deliver.
Reviewed by: j-bperry on: 2013-09-03
The food is always fabulous. The portions are large. We can eat two or three meals on one meal. I cannot wait to get the food tonight.
Reviewed by: coxelizabeth on: 2013-05-02
This is my favorite thing on the minute - if you don't count the Hot & Sour soup, which is AMAZING.
Reviewed by: angelataff on: 2012-08-22
Food is great! My favorite is the crab rangoon. They aren't sweet. And beef with broccoli. However, they do need to put a little more meat in their meals.
Reviewed by: kennedyphillips18 on: 2012-05-05
I love there food it is the best
Reviewed by: mashleycronin08 on: 2012-02-17
My boyfriend and I ordered Sesame House delivery and were really pleased, the food was fresh and delicious ! We will definitely order here again!
Reviewed by: matthewbluemel on: 2011-12-05
The best chinese food i have ever had, the staff is very readliy, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewed by: smod27 on: 2011-11-09
Sesame House is the best Chinese food... we enjoy everything on the menu!!
Reviewed by: Deanna L. on: 2009-03-28
I'm not big on Chinese food to begin with. So if I like a Chinese Restaurant then the food must be worth while in my opinion. The service is good and quick. The price is good and the food isn't bad. My husband and kids like to go. ...?
Reviewed by: Leticia L. on: 2009-05-20
I really enjoy the food at this place. I've been a few times only cause I was in the area. I think if I lived nearby I would stop in more often. The food is good and the staff members are great! ...?